If you but knew the gift of God

26 octubre 2017

Retreat in english. To make a retreat in a Foyer de Charité is to take six days off to follow an unexpected route with several meetings : with oneself, with God and with brothers and sisters, in a Christian community. It’s an experience which transforms your being and opens up new perspectives. The fundamental retreat, in silence, is an invitation to meet Christ personally, to welcome the infinite Love of God our Father, and to accept to be renewed by the Holy Spirit. Each day, talks are given with a view to deepening the major questions that all men want to answer. The Light of the Gospel gives new convictions to all these questions as well as landmarks for life, taking into account all the aspects of the human person. This illumination meets everyone wherever he is. Personal and communal prayer, the reading of the Bible, and personal reflection allow one to welcome God as the One who comes, speaks to our hearts, reveals himself, and calls us. Any kind of people can attend a retreat : believers or unbelievers, married people, widowers and widows, single, divorced, priests, lay people … Welcome from sunday 17h (diner at 19h30). Till saturday 14h. Daycare for kids from 0 to 9 years old (limited number of places)