A spiritual retreat is a break for the heart and the mind. It creates a breathing space for:

  • Relaxing, resting, finding comfort in the middle of our very busy lives;
  • Meeting with God in silence, reading his Word, reinvigorating our faith;
  • Reflecting on the meaning of our existence, take a step back before making important choices;
  • Exploring the essential questions of life, gaining a better understanding of the foundations of the Christian faith.

Whatever the motives, the spiritual retreat marks a pause in a setting that inspires inner reflection. The setting, silence and pace of the retreat give the participants the freedom to open up to themselves and to God.


Why go on a retreat in a Foyer de Charité ?

Each year, the Foyers de Charité welcome more than 50,000 people on a spiritual retreat. All adults are welcome, from the age of 17 years old, whether they are believers or not. Everyone receives the same warm welcome that is respectful of each person as an individual and their personal approach. The members of the Foyers welcome them into their community, as in a family. They make every effort to make everyone feel comfortable and free to participate in the activities proposed or not.

The retreats take place in silence. They are led and preached by priests or lay people. During the three daily lectures, the preacher covers the foundations of the Christian faith. Times of personal and community prayer are organised between these periods of teaching. Everyone has free time to rest and be inwardly refreshed. Each person is free to experience the celebration of the Eucharist with the members of the Foyer. A priest or a member of the community trained in listening and spiritual guidance is also available to meet those who request it.

The pace of each retreat is tailored to the age of the participants, especially for family, youth and children’s retreats.


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