The 76 Foyers de Charité, which are spread across four continents, receive more than 50,000 people per year as part of the spiritual retreats offered. Currently, there are 28 Foyers in Africa, 15 in America, 9 in Asia and 24 in Europe, of which 13 are in France. In each foyer, the members offer the same loving accompaniment, while remaining faithful to Christ’s message of love.


The vocation of the Foyers de Charité is to revitalize and strengthen Christians in their faith so that they can live out their baptism to the full and contribute to the life of the Church at the service of the entire world.


And beyond the community of believers, their vocation is also to give all men the opportunity to meet Christ and to grow in humanity.



The main mission of the Foyers de Charité is to participate in the new evangelisation through the preaching of spiritual retreats that are open to everyone. They offer 6-day retreats, in silence, during which the participants are welcomed as if they are part of the family and receive teachings that summarise the fundamentals of the Catholic faith.


The Foyers de Charité are the workers of a « New Pentecost of Love »: their purpose is to experience and bear witness to the love of Christ for everyone.


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