Our community…

The members of the Windeck-Ottrott Foyer de Charité, like all the members of the Foyers de Charité throughout the world, have chosen to consecrate their lives to evangelisation. Through their work, prayer, hospitality and the spiritual retreats offered in the Foyer, their goal is to:

  • live out and bear witness together to the love of Christ for each person;
  • strengthen Christians in their faith;
  • give all men the chance to meet Christ and to grow in humanity.

The members of the Foyer share a simple and fraternal life. They put their belongings and abilities in common to make the Foyer a place for nurturing the spiritual renewal of their contemporaries.

To find out more about the Foyers de Charité

Le Windeck – Ottrott
51 Rue Principale
+33 (0)3 88 48 14 00