Which retreat?

You can choose a spiritual retreat according to your age, profile, a particular theme, a preacher or the proposed period.




The 6-day retreat for everyone

A unique and foundational experience in the light of the Gospel.

6 days in silence to learn, pray and celebrate the faith.

The 6-day retreat of the Foyers de Charité is for anyone looking to get away and straighten out their priorities, reflect on their lives and cultivate their relationship with God.

3 or 4 daily lectures, in between which there are times for personal and community prayer, the celebration of the sacraments and, of course, some free time to be inwardly regenerated.

The Foyer de Charité provide a magnificent setting that stimulates inner reflection. A priest or a member of the community is available to guide you and listen to you.

Thanks to a climate of silence, prayer and the warm welcome offered to everyone, the 6-day retreat is a springboard for enhancing your spiritual life, whatever your past.

Some Foyers offer the following two options for the 6-day retreats:

  • The fundamental retreat, which offers a complete vision of the Christian faith. We recommend this retreat if it is the first time you are going on a 6-day retreat.
  • The theme-based retreat, which looks more closely at a specific point of the Christian faith, based on a book of the Bible, the liturgical time or a particular theme.
Spiritual breaks

A break to escape the business of daily life.
1 to 3 days in silence to learn, pray and celebrate our faith.

These spiritual breaks, which are run over 1 to 3 days, are re-invigorating steps between two 6-day spiritual retreats or simple intermissions in the midst of our busy lives. They welcome all those who wish to restore their spiritual strength.

They are based on lectures, periods of communal and personal prayer and the daily celebration of the Eucharist. The silence encourages meditation on the teaching received, which is linked either to the liturgical time or to a specific theme.

These breaks are essential to keep God at the heart of our overloaded lives.

Couples and engaged retreats

A break for two under the gaze of the Lord.
A 2-day break for couples to discern, talk and pray.

The Foyers de Charité offer a haven of peace for all couples who want to spend some time together before God: sweethearts discerning their future, engaged couples preparing for their marriage, married couples looking to take some time out or seeking inner regeneration, etc.

Each weekend is based on a theme that relates to conjugal love.

In an atmosphere of silence and prayer, there is a series of teaching (theme-based lectures), reflection and couple dialogue sessions or sharing groups with others.

Treat yourself to a two-day retreat for a spiritual break to help your couple to grow in love.

In most cases, it is possible to welcome young children.

Family retreats

A spiritual experience in the family.
Each age group, whether it is the parents or children has its own specific programme.

The family retreats allow parents and children to experience their own spiritual times, which run alongside each other and are tailored to their capacities.

The parents have a silent retreat with teaching that is adapted to their lives as couples and parents.

The children are divided into age groups. The spiritual offer that is specifically suited to them is interspersed with times of relaxation and games.

A central aspect of the day is when the parents and children get together for a special family time.

The 6-day family retreat is a genuine time of spiritual regeneration for the whole family!

Children’s retreats (6-12 years)

A programme that offers the right balance of prayer, teaching, games and activities.

The Foyers de Charité offer camps and prayer schools for children from 6 to 12 years old. The purpose of the different activities is always to promote human growth and the spiritual life of the children: times of prayer and celebration, teachings based on the Word of God, manual activities, free time, games, vigils, etc.

Give your children the chance to discover or deepen their relationship with Jesus in their lives!

Some foyers can take care of young children during the parents’ retreats (nursery or spiritual programme tailored to the age of the children).

Children’s retreats (12-18 years)

A retreat for teens, divided up by age group.
A varied offer for putting down the roots of your faith and enjoying the friendship of other young people.

Are you between 12 and 18 and looking for an opportunity to experience your faith with other young people? You have questions, would like to devote some time to reflection or, on the contrary, you want to dive straight in.

The Foyers de Charité have the retreat for you: a camp, a weekend for teenagers, a retreat running in parallel with that of your parents, a project, etc. You can come alone or with friends to experience this special time with a mix of testimonials, teaching, prayer and reflection.


You have an appointment with yourself, with God and with others !

Retreats for students / young professionals

Time to straighten out your priorities.

Opportunities ranging from 1 day to 1 year.

In need of discernment in your personal life, whether you are a student or professional, or in search of silence and prayer: the many opportunities available in the Foyers de Charité lay down the markers for guiding your life and anchoring your Christian faith.

Whether it is a one-day spiritual break, a 6-day retreat, a retreat for 18-30 year olds, a period of voluntary work or a year for God, you can find the option to suit you and that will fill you with spiritual energy.

Opportunities for staying connected with what is most important when making key life choices.

Retreats for priests, religious and consecrated people

Create the space you need to draw new life from the spring with the help of the Lord
As a priest, religious or consecrated person, you feel the need to get away to draw from the spring.

The Foyers de Charité welcome you to their 6-day retreats that are open to all or to a bespoke stay (contact the Foyer directly), with or without personal accompaniment.

Some Foyers organise retreats for priests.

By taking some time out in a Foyer de Charité, you will benefit from a place of prayer in the friendly and warm setting of a community.

Come to pray, meditate and rest. You will return feeling regenerated and strengthened.

Other proposals

Find the retreat that satisfies your expectations and needs.

Each year, the Foyers de Charité organise sessions and retreats that are different in terms of their format or the theme addressed:

Bible teachings;

conferences on bioethics;

« Art, Culture and Faith », « Vittoz and Art », « Flowers and Prayer » sessions;

pilgrimages, prayer-hikes;


seaside breaks;

short retreats for young pensioners and seniors, etc.